I'm a moon princess~
Celine, 20, Germany

I hate myself so much that I might puke because of it. Aren’t I adorable? Ahahah. I’m so down for so long and nobody knows that. I won’t tell them. I’m just gonna lay there and hate everything and everyone. Over and out.







So I’ve drawn my next tattoo. It’ll be on my tight.

your tight what? tight ass? tight 6 pack because maybe you work out? Or are you having it printed on cotton-spandex tights to wear with a cute skater dress?

I mean my leg tight thingy ._____.

The part of your leg that is above your knee and below your hip? It’s called a THIGH. There is no part of the human anatomy called a “tight.”

Don’t be mean to me okay? I didn’t know how to write it. English is not my mother tongue okay? Okay.

Was educating you, okay? Okay.

Then I will thank you for doing so.

Untitled #42 by inspirene featuring a floppy hat


wow why is everyone so annoying

Did you coloured your Sailor Moon Tattoo?

No. You mean the drawing I posted (for my leg)? I just want the outlines :3