A heart is a heavy burden.
Celine, 20, Robin, Germany,
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it’s getting really annoying how eating makes you gain weight


Fun facts about your sign here
Would losing me even be a loss?(All I wonder)

(Quelle: daggerred)

I feel worthless. Not worth to be loved if it wasn’t so I would be loved but I’m not and not this friendship love thing okay.
I’m replaceable. I always knew it.

Now I love your url (and you) even more! I ♥ Naruto!

Haha that’s nice to hear. Thank you! xx

What does your url mean? :)

Kakuzu is a thrifty asshole from the akatsuki (naruto) basically haha. I’m just urgh this dude haha I love him and I’ll marry him and he will get my heart to use it when one of his hearts is dead buuut since he died anyways who cares hahahaha oh jeez sorry :D

Did a design for a shirt. classylikeabowtie allowed me to use his face, thanks again snowflake ♥ super proud of it and can’t wait to put it on a shirt hehe c:


I’ve figured it out: My type is tall, handsome and dorky as fuck